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Get into a Luxury Lexus Vehicle Today for an Affordable Monthly Payment

If you have always wanted to get yourself into a Lexus lease in NYC, the deals at Lease Car NYC make this the time to act. When you hear the term Lexus, you probably think superior quality, but with a hefty price tag attached to it. While this may be true, it is also true that the team at Lease Car NYC offers some of the best Lexus leasing deals in New York and the lowest prices around.
You never have to fear the price tag when you choose to lease your vehicle from Lease Car NYC. From a GX 460 SUV to a IS F Sedan, we have many options for you to choose from and savings all across the board.
If you would like to learn more about our new Lexus deals in NYC or you would like to lease Lexus in New York, call our office today at 347-821-4646.

We Can Get You Flexible Lease Terms That Meet Your Needs

Our leasing specialists are prepared to work with you to go over the ideal lease terms you would like to have. Once we know what vehicle you would like and have an idea of where you are as far as terms, we can then work with banks and lenders to meet your needs.
Our leasing agents are able to negotiate the terms of the lease to ensure you receive a low monthly payment and a great interest rate. Remember, financing is not just about a bank saying yes – it is about the actual terms.
Lexus car leasing in New York is done the right way at Lease Car NYC. Many of our leases come with a 36-month lease, which is enough time for you to experience the vehicle, but short enough so that you do not feel trapped in a lease.
Once your lease term is up, you can choose to purchase the vehicle you have been leasing or you can switch to another Lexus vehicle that you want to experience.
No matter what you choose, we have Lexus leasing deals in NYC that will suit you! Call today to learn more.

Get into ANY Model Lexus for Less

Working with Lease Car NYC is easy and we have the largest selection of Lexus models available for you to choose from. Some of our most popular models include:

  • CT 200h Hatchback
  • ES 300h Sedan
  • ES 350 Sedan
  • GS 350 Sedan
  • GS 450h Sedan
  • GS F Sedan
  • GX 460 SUV
  • IS 250 C Convertible
  • IS 250 Sedan
  • IS 350 C Convertible
  • IS 350 Sedan
  • IS F Sedan
  • LS 460 Sedan
  • LS 600h L Sedan
  • LX 570 SUV
  • NX 200t SUV
  • NX 300h SUV
  • RC 350 Coupe
  • RC F Coupe
  • RX 350 SUV
  • RX 450h SUV

If you would like to learn more about our new Lexus leasing deals in New York or you want to start a Lexus lease, contact Lease Car NYC at 347-821-4646 to speak with one of our leasing consultants.

If you’re all ready to lease, just give us a ring at 845-818-AUTO(2886)! Or if you have questions for us, we’re here to help. In either case, we look forward to talking with you – and being able to show you how we’re the best of the best when it comes to car leasing companies.